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    Please make sure that the e-mail address you leave on your payment form is the correct e-mail address! Assuring your correct e-mail address makes it possible to e-mail you any late 1000 unit plays! This web site electronically recovers returned checks and recovery fee. Click on the tab to purchase the 2015 NFL and College Football package $600.00. Get the entire year including bowl games NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. Click on the 2nd tab to purchase my 4 game college football Thursday and Friday Package $50.00

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american league teams The Bagman's No win No Pay Guarantee
How does it work?

If you purchase a weekend package and I don't win my games, I shred your check. Money doesn't come out of your account until I hit my game or games. There isn't anything hidden. My guarantee is posted before you purchase.
When you purchase the yearly package you will fill out a check. The check in turn will get mailed to me.  You will receive all selections via email the day before the games kick off. You will never receive a phone call from me unless you ask for one. Your information will never be sold or forwarded to any other handicapper. If your information gets out to another handicapper it is never because I gave it out. I am discreet and most of my customers have been with me since my first year which was in 1998.

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The Bagman is now on Twitter. By Following me on Twitter you will get notified of any late plays that have been sent to your inbox. I will also be giving out free halftime plays. Thoughts on games being played and up to minute scoring. Do you want to know what I'm thinking as games are being played? Follow me on Twitter. You can follow me @bagmanwins or click  the following link:

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Can I purchase games weekly?

Yes you can purchase games and packages on Saturday and on Sunday. If you would like to do so visit the site on a weekly basis and games will be up for purchase. It will be more costly if you purchase games weekly. I am not the cheapest place around. I do offer a no win no pay guarantee on most of my weekly packages. Details on those packages will be up on the site weekly. 

How am I doing for the Year? 

You can come to this column weekly and I'll tell you what my figure is for the entire year. 

The Bagmans Editorial

How do I pay? 

I use a company called International PCG. You are basically filling out a check with your banking information on it. Upon verification of your banking information IPCG will print a  physical paper check from the info you've supplied.  That check is then mailed out to me. If I have offered a no win no pay guarantee for a certain game or games and I won that weekend I will cash the check. If I lost that weekend I will shred your check. Unfortunately this is the only way I could find in which to process payments with my no win no pay guarantee.

Don't be a Schmo!

As we kickoff a new football season, I inevitably have to go over the way we do things here. First of all, this is a marathon, not a sprint. If you're looking to get rich in one week, I'll warn you right now, you're going to go down. Money management is key, don't lose your entire bankroll in one week. If you do lose your bankroll in one week don't blame me, you're a fool, and a fool and his money are soon parted. 
I will have huge weeks and I will have bad weeks. My recommendation is to win with me and lose with me, but don't change your plays because you think, "this is the week and I'm going to let it ride". I rate games from 1000 to 5000 units, a 5000 unit play is as high as I go.
If you have never purchased a package through, I use a company called I-Check. If you have a checking account you can do business with me. You basically fill out a check with your name and your account number on it. I-Check will then print a physical check with that info and send it to me. If I have won my games  for that weekend, I will cash the checks, If I have lost for that weekend, I will rip the check up. This is my 9th year with this company and I have never had a problem with I-Check. There has never been a case of any fraud using this company. After you have filled out the check and I-Check has verified that you have a valid account you will be routed to a page with the picks on it. PLEASE BE PATIENT! THIS PAGE SOMETIMES TAKE A COUPLE OF MINUTES TO COME UP! If you have any questions feel free to email me. 


Thursday and Friday College Football Package Now available Please Read Below
2015 Yearly Package is Gone forevever Sept 6th. Now Available Please read below

To kick off the college football season I have 4 games available for you. I have a 1000 unit play a 2000 unit play and 2-3000 unit plays. If I don't hit 3 out of 4 of my plays, I'll shred your check. All four games are available for $50.00. Click on the appropriate tab above to purchase this 4 game package. I'll be back Friday with Saturday's plays. I have 2 free 500 unit plays available on the Free Picks page.
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Yearly Package
We're back for another year and very happy for another football season. 
The 2015 yearly package is now available for purchase. Please click on the tab above to purchase this package. The Yearly Package includes every college and NFL game I release over 1000 units it also includes all the Bowl Games, NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. I hope you'll join me again for the 2015 season. 

Yearly Customers
Selections for College games for the 3rd and 4th are now in your mailbox. If you haven't received these selections, please e-mail me immediately.


Games are rated from 200 to 5000 units. A 5000 unit game is as high as I go. Games rated from 200 to 750 units are always available for free on this site. If you have any questions regarding ratings feel free to email me.


If you have been with me for the past 10 years you know that I don't believe in the word "lock". The only lock in the world is that you will eventually leave this earth. There are no other "locks". I use the word "lock" because most players can relate to it. When I say lock I mean, the play rated as highly as it can rate with my system. I don't mean it can't  lose! Anyone that tells you a game can't lose is a liar and a cheat. Don't be fooled.



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Please check the Bagman's editorial for selections and thoughts on this weekend's games. You can go to my editorial by clicking on the blue link that say's Bagman's editorial in the first column.



Please check the Bagman's editorial for selections and thoughts on this weekend's games. You can go to my editorial by clicking on the blue link that say's Bagman's editorial in the first column.


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